Making Conversions Easier

Optimize Your Conversion Path for Wellness Business
With The BTC System In 28 Days

Without Spending More On Traffic,
Or Get Your Money Back.

Leads not converting into sales?

  • The butterfly transformation copy (BTC) system increases your sales revenue by 2x.

  • It decreases your customer acquisition cost.

Unable to retain your customers?

  • The BTC System increases your customer's lifetime value.

  • It also reduces the percentage of the amount spent on marketing channels.

Communicate to make loyal customers!

In 2023, the total digital ad spend was $627 billion. To make your product stand out, we apply positioning and branding principles to cut through the noise.

Skyrocket your conversions!

The very best Wellness page converts at 15%+, whereas the average conversion rate is less than 5%.
We employ in-depth market research and high-converting copy to convert your pages like crazy.

Don't make your customers think!

Every $1 invested in user experience returns $100 (ROI = 9,900%). We design and execute a structure that leads visitors to a slippery slope of sales.

Wiz Of Writing & BTC System

BTC System can help your business ACHIEVE MAXIMUM IMPACT in 28 days by optimizing your conversion path without increasing traffic generation costs.

Wiz Of Writing helps SaaS/Wellness founders and marketers like you scale their businesses by converting clicks into CONVERSIONS, POSITIVE REPLIES AND SALES with the BTC System.

The Butterfly Transformation Copy (BTC) System optimizes your conversion paths ( LANDING PAGES -> EMAIL SEQUENCES -> SALES LETTERS) by:

-Employing in-depth market research
-Applying dominant positioning
-Implementing concise writing
-Executing diligent structure


Blog, Ad, Landing Page, Email & Sales Page

The Sales Letter


Lead Qualifier Funnel Emails' Series for $2000/- only

--> The Autoresponder series qualifies leads and moves them further into the buyers' journey.
--> Nurturing these leads generates 50% more sales-ready leads, thus boosting conversions.

  • Market Research

  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) & Offer

  • High-Converting Copy

Absolute Website Copy Revolution for $2525/- only

--> Effective web copy makes you stand out from your competition.
--> Web copy optimization increases your visibility to online customers and makes you a powerful force within search engine rankings.

  • Market Research

  • Positioning & Branding

  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) & Offer

  • Pricing

  • High-Converting Copy

  • UX Design

The Ultimate Sales Letter for $4000/- only

-->Sales letters directly reach consumers and show them how your business will benefit them.
-->They allow businesses to make a personal connection with current or prospective customers.

  • Market Research

  • Positioning & Branding

  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) & Offer

  • Pricing

  • High-Converting Copy

  • UX Design

  • Big Idea

  • Landing Page (Value: $500)


We'll start with an audit of your web pages and emails during a STRATEGY SESSION for free.

If you don't want to utilize our services to apply the gaps discovered during the strategy session, there's NO COMPULSION on you.

If your desire to scale your business increases after the session, you'll pay 50%, and we'll start the optimization process for boosting conversions and sales by 2x in 28 days.

The remaining 50% is on completion of all works i.e. after getting a BOOST IN YOUR CONVERSIONS AND SALES BY AT LEAST 2X IN 28 DAYS.

If you'll buy “The Ultimate Sales Letter”, you'll get “Absolute Website Copy Revolution” and “Lead Qualifier Funnel Emails’ Series” for free.
If you buy “Absolute Website Copy Revolution”, you'll get the “Lead Qualifier Funnel Emails' Series” for free.This is a limited time offer.

Take action now to communicate your value that cuts through the noise, skyrockets your conversions, and leads visitors toward the slippery slope of sales with our BTC system.

P.S. You'll get an increase in your monthly revenues by 2x or a full refund in 28 days. Totally risk-free investment for you.

Meet the Founder:

Greetings! I am a health enthusiast and technophile.
Weightlifting, hiking, reading books, and personal development are some of the things I enjoy as a lifelong learner.
My curiosity leads me to explore new technology and AI.
Discovering new things and gaining diverse perspectives is what I always strive for.
With my sales background, I know how to connect with your customers and inspire them to take action.
If you are looking for someone to convert your leads and retain your customers, then you have come to the right place.

Making Conversions Easier

Wiz Of Writing focuses entirely on scaling SaaS/Wellness businesses. We optimize conversion paths (Landing Pages -> Emails -> Sales Letters) for the SaaS/Wellness industry. Our passion for technology, background in marketing, and experience in sales enable us to apply the principles of positioning and branding to your offer and business to highlight your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).